About Us


About Us



White Satin was created 9 years ago with the goal of bringing something fresh and unique to Ottawa in the world of bridal fashion. We have now grown into a beautiful bridal house, giving us a chance to create more than one special moment at a time. Our warm and welcoming boutique carries an exquisite assortment of bridal gowns, veils, and jewelry as well as dresses for your bridal party.    

Our team loves perfection and want to make sure that your experience is pleasurable from the moment you make your appointment to the day you wear your gown.  No two brides are the same and we will do our best to work with each bride to ensure that the process is a positive one. Whether you are a bride who has dreamed of the day you get to try on wedding gowns or one who is overwhelmed at the thought, we promise to make you feel comfortable, confident, and happy.

When you make an appointment at White Satin, the store and our attention is all yours.  You will feel cozy and at home, play dress up with our bridal stylists, and leave feeling like you had the best time and found the perfect dress to say yes to.

We will turn the search for your perfect gown into an event full of memories to be treasured forever!  At White Satin, it’s all about the experience…

Always there for you when you need it!