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Wedding Dress Alterations at White Satin

From simple hemming to completely customizing a dress so it perfectly matches your wedding vision, let our in-house seamstress work her magic. Having a seamstress at our boutique allows you to discover the possibilities before you purchase a dress and have the same exclusive White Satin experience from start to finish.

The Alterations Process


Your first fitting is dedicated to making any necessary adjustments to the body and straps or sleeves of your dress.


Your second fitting is focused on confirming that everything fits well, then it’s time to mark the hem so the dress is the perfect length.


Once all of the alterations are complete, we have one final appointment to ensure your dress is fit to perfection!

What should I bring to an alterations appointment?

Please bring the exact shoes you will be wearing on the day of your event. Feel free to bring any undergarments you may be considering. Many brides prefer to add cups to their gown as opposed to wearing a bra. We also encourage you to bring any accessories that you’d like to try on with your dress. We strongly advise against wearing heavy makeup, tanning products and other cosmetics that are likely to transfer onto the dress during wear. White Satin does not offer cleaning services and dry cleaning is not recommended before the dress is worn on the wedding day due to the occasional possibility of shrinkage and damage.

When should I start alterations?

We recommend starting alterations on your dress 2 to 3 months prior to your wedding. If we start too early, we risk having to make additional changes as we get closer to the big day. We average 3 appointments for standard fit adjustments, and they are usually scheduled 3-5 weeks apart.

How much should I budget for alterations?

The cost of alterations is not included in the price of your dress. We recommend budgeting roughly $650 to $850 for standard fit adjustments. Pricing for alterations is determined based on the complexity of your gown and the alterations needed. Costs are broken down by appointment, and you’ll never pay for the same adjustment twice.

What kinds of alterations can be done to a dress?

Our in-house seamstress is capable of making some stunning changes to your gown to make it everything you’ve always imagined! A few examples of possible customizations include creating straps or sleeves, adding or removing layers from the skirt to make it more or less full, and lowering the back. We can also create matching veils to complete your wedding day look!