Bridal Appointments

First appointment with us


Congratulations Beautiful! First time trying with us, or even first time trying at all? No stress, we have your back! As soon as you walk through the door, we will welcome you open arms and direct you to your bridal room. From there, one of our wonderful consultants will ask you a couple questions such as your wedding date, what you have liked from previous appointments or would like to try, price point, etc. She will explain in detail everything there is to know about our bridal section and will welcome you to browse through the racks with her. We want you to be as involved as possible! She will help you in the room and show you all options the beautiful gowns have to offer. We have over 250 dresses of all kinds, for all taste!


Our first appointments are scheduled for an hour and a half. If you need more time or if you are bringing more than 5 guests (excluding yourself), please inform us so we can allow more time to the appointment.


Our bridal house is divided per section; 2 bridal rooms (under $3000/ over $3000) and one bridesmaids section. Please note that you will not be able to look in another section than the one you booked. If you desire to do bridal and bridesmaids one after the other, please inform us.



Follow-up appointment


You’ve tried with us before and want to come back? A follow-up appointment implies to either retry a gown your heart is set on, retry your top choices, or if you want to try some more. When booking this appointment, please inform us of your full name and which of the three you are coming back for. As pleasant as your first appointment, the follow-up will be more inclined to details. We’ll be there to respond to any questions or concerns and make sure you leave with the same smile you came in with.

VIP Nights – The White Night


The White Night is a way for us to make a special moment, extra special! We open the boutique house  just for you and your bridal group on a Tuesday evening! Behind closed doors, you will have our devoted attention, without distractions, to enjoy one of our VIP treatments listed below. The White Night can be requested for a first appointment or a follow-up appointment. These appointments are booked for a maximum of 3 hours and only available on Tuesdays, with the option of 6pm or 7pm.


Our packages:


The cosy $180

Includes a bottle of champagne with strawberries. Perfect for a small group of 4, excluding the bride (5 people total).


The wild $280

Includes a bottle of champagne, strawberries and macarons! Perfect for a group of 5 to 7 people, excluding the bride (8 people total).


PLEASE NOTE that this appointment must be booked a minimum of 3 days in advance and a 50% deposit is required at time of booking (non-refundable). The appointment is booked for a maximum of 3 hours and ID will be required before serving.

*Add a bottle of champagne to either packages for $40.

*Please inform us if anyone in your group has any allergies.